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Meet the Team

About Storycode

Storycode was founded in December of 2011 when Jason Porath and Kat Topaz teamed up with the goal of revolutionizing publications through digital publishing.

Porath had created some of the first e-books and digital publications available for tablet devices, including Reckless Road, which followed the legendary rock band Guns N Roses through the year before the release of their iconic album “Appetite for Destruction,” and JFK: 50 Days, which details 50 of President Kennedy’s most iconic moments. His work became the gold-standard for early digital publishers.

Topaz, well known for her work in redesigning print newspapers and magazines around the country, brought experience recreating brands to more effectively engage their audience. She also brought a large network of clients and the ability to attract top talent to the Storycode team. Not long after Porath and Topaz’s partnership, Storycode added Scott Landis to help develop and manage the digital products.

Early on, Storycode focused on helping publishers who wanted to use tablet publishing to expand their market reach and better tell their stories. Storycode helped clients like NBC, The Stratford Shakespeare Company and The Wilson Center better tell their stories through great interactive design and immersive user experience. During this time, they created many firsts that are now considered best practices.

By the end of 2012, Storycode had been acquired twice and the high quality of the team’s work had begun to attract new types of clients. Corporations, many of which had already begun to deploy tablets to their employees, called on Storycode to create immersive experiences for both internal corporate communication and external customer communication.

At the same time, Storycode embraced Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite as the best digital publishing platform for the team’s needs. Soon after, Adobe chose Storycode as one of a handful of Adobe DPS Solutions Partners, becoming the only DPS Solutions Partner on the West Coast of the United States.

As Storycode has grown, the team has expanded its expertise from UX and UI design and development into various secure distributions methods, backend system integration and in-app discoverability.

Entering Storycode’s third year, Storycode continues to offer Award-Winning Design and User Experience (UX), and are able to offer more services to clients including education and consulting on in-house digital publishing efforts, as well as storefront design and development. Tackling every project from multiple perspectives allows for the best solutions.